Turkish Airlines Unveils “Tomorrow On Board”

This week, AviationSource was invited to Istanbul to participate in Turkish Airlines announcing their Tomorrow On Board initiative.

This article will cover the details surrounding Turkish Airlines’ new sustainability initiative, being a pioneer for the global aviation sector.

Turkish Airlines: Tomorrow On Board

During this special event, Turkish Airlines presented its comprehensive vision on how the Turkish flag carrier is tackling sustainability.

Alongside showcasing its goals at the Tomorrow On Board event. The airline also showcased artwork to emphasize the goal of a better world.

The art exhibition is named “41.2607 North and 28.7424 East”, and is a display of recycled items, which are –

  • Parts from a decommissioned aircraft.
  • Flight Crew uniforms and bags.
  • Interior cabin carpets.
  • Seat fabrics.

This depicts a collaboration from old and new worlds to come together to raise awareness for the challenge of sustainability. With the aviation sector being a huge-hitter for this. And Turkish Airlines is pioneering the way for the sector with this initiative.

Not only this, but Turkish Airlines announced that Istanbul Airport will have its own dedicated solar power plant by the end of 2024. A first of its kind for an airport.

Istanbul Airport has also had 10 of its buildings awarded with green sustainability certificates.

The carrier is also using SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuels) in more than 13 destinations across is vast network.

At the event, Levent Konukcu, Turkish Airlines’ Chief Investment and Strategy Officer, said, “Tomorrow On-Board initiative embodies our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and enhancing sustainability practices across all our operations to leave a better world for future generations.”

“Through this platform, we emphasize our dedication to offering transparent information and data, ensuring that our sustainability efforts are consistently clear and easily accessible to all stakeholders.”

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