Pokemon GO Timeless Travels – Start date, countdown clock, new Pokémon, and more

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When is the Pokemon GO Timeless Travels start date? When can you expect this new season to begin? This new season focuses on the land of Hisui from Pokémon Legends Arceus. Say goodbye to the Adventures Abound update and welcome in a new world of possibilities.

With the new update, you should focus on when the upcoming Community Day events are. Make sure you also keep up with the current Pokémon Go Raids and shadow raids.

Ready your Pokemon for a grand new adventure. Make sure you also have plenty of eggs to hatch. Here is the Pokémon Go Timeless Travels start date and everything you can expect when it goes live.

When is the Pokemon GO Timeless Travels start date?

The Pokemon GO Timeless Travels season will go live on Friday, December 1, 2023. Specifically, it will begin at the following times based on your time zone:

  • 1pm PST local time
  • 4pm EST local time
  • 9pm GMT local time

When the season goes live, you can expect the following to occur:

  • End of Season rewards will be available on the battle screen
  • GO Battle League rank will be reset
  • Rank-up requirements will remain the same from previous seasons

Pokemon Go Timeless Travels – Countdown Clock

For those who want to see exactly how long they have left before the new season goes live, here is a countdown clock.

Pokemon Go Timeless Travels – New Pokemon Encounters

Image via Niantic

There are several new Hisuian Pokemon that you will be able to encounter on your journey. These Pokemon include:

  • Hisuian Typhlosion
  • Hisuian Decidueye
  • Hisuian Samurott
  • Wyrdeer
  • Lab Coat Pikachu

There are also hints that we will learn more about Origin Form Palkia and Origin Form Dialga during this season.

Pokemon Go Timeless Travels – Seasonal Bonuses

This season includes the following bonuses for trainers:

  • Get an additional candy when trading Pokemon
  • Get more XP for a seven-day Pokestop spin streak
  • Increased XP for a seven-day catch streak. You will also get more Stardust.
  • Guaranteed Large Candy XL when trading Pokemon for trainers level 31 and up
  • Chance to receive Rare Candy XL from in-person five-star raids for trainers level 31 and up

Pokemon Go Timeless Travels – Avatar items and other rewards

Image via Niantic

Players can earn the following items during the season including outfits inspired by Ingo, Warden of the Pearl Clan:

  • Ace Rank – Ingo-Style Gloves & Ingo-Style Shoes
  • Veteran Rank – Ingo Style Pants
  • Expert Rank – Ingo-Style Shirt
  • Legend Rank – Ingo-Style Pose

Players will also get an Elite Charged TM at rank 19 and an Elite Fast TM as an end-of-season reward.

The yearly community day catch-up is coming. Two days in December will host the catch-up so you can possibly get a shiny you missed out on during the year. The events will be on December 16, 2023, and December 17, 2023. You will find the following Pokemon featured on these days:

  • December 16, 2023
    • Slowpoke
    • Galarian Slowpoke
    • Chespin
    • Fennekin
    • Togetic
    • Noibat
  • December 17, 2023
    • Axew
    • Froakie
    • Grubbin
    • Paldean Wooper
    • Wooper
    • Timburr
    • Poliwag

There are plenty more bonuses coming with the new season. To check them all out, make sure to view the official seasonal rewards on the Pokemon Go Website.

Your time to catch’em all

The Community Day Catch-Up event is a yearly event that Niantic hosts for those who were unable to attend each of the Community Days throughout the year.

That is everything you need to know about the Timeless Travels season for Pokemon Go. For more Pokemon Go content, you can check out whether the Pokemon Go Plus Plus is worth it. You can also check out all the Pokemon Go regional exclusives.

Pokemon Go Timeless Travels – FAQ

What new Pokemon are coming in the Pokemon Go Timeless Travels season?

You will be able to encounter new Hisuian Pokemon such as Samurott, Decidueye, Wyrdeer, Typhlosion, and Sneasel.

What avatar rewards are available during the season?

Those who progress through the ranks can earn the Ingo-Style outfit and the Ingo-Style Pose.

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