Madden 24 players cannot believe star running back’s age in franchise sim

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Some Madden 24 players simulate their franchise mode well into the future. This gives them the unique opportunity to play with brand new players and phase everything out. In 20 years, the NFL will look almost entirely different, and many Madden 24 gamers want to see that. One player simulated forward and the community was stunned by one current star improbably still being in the league.

Madden 24 players left speechless by star running back’s age

Alexander Mattison, Minnesota Vikings running back, is currently aged 25 and is in his fifth year. Neither of those metrics suggest that he’s primed to continue playing for two decades. In reality, he probably will retire before turning 35. However, in u/formerbudman’s Reddit post, he is still playing even further than that. He’s 52 years old and still kicking (or running).

Image via u/formerbudsman on Reddit

The regression sliders have demolished Mattison. He is currently a 77 OVR halfback, but once he turns 52 (well beyond the oldest NFL player in history’s age), he will be a shocking 16 OVR. It’s unfathomable to even be that low, and it’s even more unfathomable for anyone to be in the NFL at 52.

The community was completely taken aback by this. Simulating that far into the future almost always leaves zero active players in the league. If any remain, they were rookies in this year, but not Mattison. u/kanbabrif1 said, “Bro really hates his family. Dudes played runningback for like 30 years, his bones are just dust at this point.”

Another user replied, “He won’t turn to dust officially until his overall rating hits zero, He’s almost there Just 16 more points to go.” One user joked that the Vikings wouldn’t enjoy this. He’s been an underwhelming replacement for Dalvin Cook, and yet he’s going to stick around for eternity.

u/Russit2201 joked, “If a 50 year old RB was in my franchise I’d sign him in a heartbeat, put him in the first play just to see him explode on the first tackle.” Given how much he’s regressed, it’s only a matter of time until he becomes an improbable 0 OVR, but many Madden 24 players are looking forward to that. Madden usually has players retire at reasonable times, but sometimes one escapes that.

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