When will Fortnite servers be back up? Waiting in queue error message

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Fortnite players are currently unable to play the battle royale game due to server issues. Epic Games took the servers down, and many players are unable to play. Due to this, many players are wondering when they will be able to access the game.

The battle royale mode is down, along with Fortnite: Save the World and Creative. If you are one of the players who are wondering when Fortnite servers will return, you’ve come to the right place. This article explains all you need to know about the server downtime.

UPDATE (7:10 Eastern Time) – Fortnite servers are back up.

Fortnite Server Status

Fortnite servers are back up. However, players are still experiencing login queues.

Is Fortnite down?

No, Fortnite servers are currently not down, meaning that you can play the game. The game is available globally and you can access it on any device, including PC, mobile phones, Xbox, and PlayStation.

With The Big Bang event, this comes as no surprise. Over 11.6 million players attended the first event and caused major server issues.

Why do Fortnite servers go down?

Epic Games takes Fortnite servers down for every major update. This is a rather complicated process, which is why the game developers make the videogame unavailable for a few hours. However, the next update comes later on Saturday, yet servers are unavailable at the moment.

Image via Epic Games

It’s important to note that the server downtime only occurs during large updates. Epic releases smaller updates from time to time, and these updates require no download or downtime. Fortnite servers are not supposed to be online right now, but there are server issues, since many players are trying to get on at the same time.

When are Fortnite servers coming up – FAQ

Do we know exactly when Fortnite servers will return?

Fortnite servers are currently up. However, you still need to get on and go through a queue to get into the game.

Why is there a Fortnite queue?

Many players are trying to log in, which is why there is a Fortnite queue. There are likely millions of players trying to get on, yet not all of them can access the game at the same time.

Can I skip the queue in Fortnite?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to skin the queue in Fortnite. You will have to wait for the countdown to end before you can get into the game.

Can I play Fortnite while the servers are down?

You cannot play any Fortnite mode during the downtime. Whether you enjoy Battle Royale, Creative, or Save the World, all of these modes are currently down.

When will I be able to play Fortnite again?

You will be able to play Fortnite again in a few hours. We will update this article once the servers get back up, which shouldn’t take longer than two to three hours.

What’s the longest Fortnite downtime ever?

The longest Fortnite downtime happened at the conclusion of Chapter 1. It lasted for approximately a day and a half, and the only thing players could see on their screens was the Black Hole. This was Epic Games’ way to introduce players to the new chapter.

I was in a match when servers went down, will I be able to continue it?

You won’t be able to continue the game. Please keep in mind that Epic generally disabled matchmaking 15 minutes prior to downtime.

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