The new Warzone Nuke skin is a Doom and Duke Nukem love child

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Warzone developer Raven Software has finally given the community a closer look at the new Warzone Nuke skin, and at first glance, the otherworldly cosmetic looks like a love child between two infernal action FPSs in Doom and Duke Nukem. Though the inspiration for this straight-out-of-the-seventh-circle-of-hell cosmetic concept has yet to actually be confirmed, it’s safe to say that the outfit is already a hit with the community based on many of the reactions below the developer’s reveal post.

Image via Raven Software

Most fans commenting below Raven Software’s X (formerly Twitter) post predictably praised them for their hard work, as popular content creator Jack “CouRage” Dunlop complimented the devs’ creation, saying: “So so fire. Crushing it guys.” Another X user commended Raven Software’s update, noting: “This is what we have been needing: Communication! Knocking it out of the park.”

Now, before you go and boot up Modern Warfare 3 to grind out or purchase the new Warzone Nuke skin, remember that it hasn’t been released yet, even with all the new MW3 Season 1 bundles in the game. Raven Software has also not revealed when they plan to make it publicly available for purchase. However, you can most likely expect it to drop at some point shortly (maybe even as soon as Season 1 Reloaded) since the skin teaser the Warzone development team provided already looks complete.

Of course, if you’re itching to get your hands on the hellish costume already and want to know when it drops, keep your eyes peeled for any additional details from the Call of Duty Updates or the Raven Software X accounts. Alternatively, you can take a look at our pages on the MW3 Season 1 BlackCell battle pass, the MW3 Season 1 weapons list, and the MW3 Season 1 killstreaks to pass the time.

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