The Modern Mangalsutra

Modern Mangalsutra

The modern mangalsutra has been re-imagined for today’s elegant and affluent women. While keeping the tradition and symbolism of this piece, we have changed its form and made it more contemporary to fit with your everyday wear. These pieces are perfect for a bride who wants to make an impact with her style, but at the same time keeps the traditional sentiments close to her heart.

A Mangalsutra is the sacred thread of a married woman that is tied around her neck by her husband. This is considered one of the most auspicious wedding jewellery and holds immense power for a married couple. It is believed that it protects the wife from evil forces and keeps her away from the negative energies that may affect the relationship. The black beads of this sacred thread have the powers of the earth and water elements while the gold rounds have the energies of the air and fire elements. This combination of the four elements is believed to keep a couple together for life and protect them from any negative influences.

Earlier, the mangalsutra was a long string of black and gold beads with a small gold or diamond pendant at the end. But with changing times, and the fact that more and more women are moving to cosmopolitan cities for work, the traditional mangalsutra is not always being worn. Most working women prefer to opt for simpler, sleeker necklaces to go with their saris and western outfits.

The Modern Mangalsutra

Bvlgari has redefined this sacred piece of jewellery for the modern day bride. They have created an array of contemporary designs that celebrate the modern woman while honoring the tradition of marriage. The brand has a wide variety of designs, from simple single string mangalsutras to customised ones that have the zodiac sign of the bride and her partner. The brand also has a unique range of bracelets that can be worn with both ethnic and western attires.

The beauty and grace of the modern Indian woman is a sight to behold. They are soaring in their professional careers, vying for positions that were traditionally male dominant and have moved to cosmopolitan cities for work. Despite the hectic schedules, they manage to maintain their faith in traditions like the mangalsutra. This is because they know that the right jewellery can transform any look into a sartorial consort.

This is why the modern mangalsutra has become so popular. A simple and sleek golden chain with a small designer pendant is the ideal choice for a working woman who wants to stay true to her roots while maintaining a sense of style and elegance. The best way to explore the various modern mangalsutra designs is by looking at them online. This will allow you to compare the prices and styles of different brands at one place without breaking a sweat. It will also help you decide which one suits your taste and budget. Once you have shortlisted a few options, you can then take your pick and purchase them online.

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