Setting healthy boundaries: Tips to maintain professionalism while protecting your time and energy

In today’s new and modern world, maintaining professionalism while protecting one’s own time and energy is no less than having talent but whether you are bustling corridors of corporate life or involved in an external activity, the ability to balance professionalism with personal well-being is extremely important. Today, professionalism extends beyond the confines of traditional professional channels of communication – it permeates through all aspects of life, including personal endeavors, social interactions and external activities.

Setting healthy boundaries: Tips to maintain professionalism while protecting your time and energy (Image by stockking on Freepik)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Shammi Aggarwal, Director of Pansari Group, shared, “Our greatest assets are not just our skills or knowledge but also our time and energy. Today, the world has become busier than ever, therefore, finding the right balance between being professional and protecting our time and energy is a necessity and one of the primary ways to do that is by setting boundaries which might include saying ‘no’ to things that aren’t super important and giving tasks to others if needed. Focusing on your priorities not only protects your energy but also shifts your focus on self-care practices. Additionally, devote time to projects that match your goals. Doing this in the long-run will not just value time and well-being but will also increase productivity and create a work environment which is healthy and thrives effortlessly.”

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Shubhendu Agrawal, Senior Partner at BOD Consulting, shared that the secret to extraordinary professional success while conserving time and energy lies in smart prioritisation and adopting a relaxed workstyle. He said, “Maintaining to-do lists that clearly identify the must-do tasks for the day along with the highest-impact initiatives is extremely helpful. Allocating about 15% of the working hours for unforeseen crises and non-delegable routine chores, in advance, helps respond to these in a stress-free way. Our internal chatter and unhelpful emotions are the biggest energy sappers. So, individuals must practice mindfulness at work. This involves focusing solely on the task at hand and avoiding distractions. Also, as far as possible, reserve high-energy states for situations that need your attention the most, such as important meetings. In less demanding moments, dial down to an ‘attentive no-rush mode’ to conserve and regain energy.”

Kapil Bardeja, CEO and Co-Founder of Vehant Technologies, offered valuable insights for professionals in the tech industry, emphasising the importance of balancing the demands of the tech industry while safeguarding time and energy. He opined, “This delicate balancing act requires strategic planning and execution since setting clear work boundaries is essential. Identifying daily priorities and managing them efficiently using proven techniques are crucial. Effective communication is key; expressing expectations clearly and listening attentively to team members. Setting deadlines professionally helps maintain accountability and track progress. Seeking support when needed and building a supportive network for guidance are important. Staying updated with industry trends and embracing a growth mindset is unavoidable. By embracing these principles, we maintain professionalism while preserving time and energy for a fulfilling life.”

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