Richa Chadha To Those Trolling Heeramandi Co-Star Sharmin Segal: “Be Kind, Please”

Richa Chadha with Sharmin Segal in Heeramandi. (courtesy: bhansaliproductions)

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Richa Chadha recently addressed the online hatred that her Heeramandi co-star Sharmin Segal has been on the receiving end of. The actress posted a screenshot of a comment from an Instagram user that read, “Don’t ever return to that show. It was specifically made for an emotionless hamming nepokid.” Richa Chadha, referring to the comment, wrote, “Kind is cool.” Without naming Sharmin in the post, Richa Chadha wrote in her extensive note, “For the past month, whenever I have been able to keep track and vigilant enough, I have been deleting negative comments about my co-star that have been appearing in my comments. Guys? Offer constructive criticism, but this much visceral hate?”

After massive online trolling, Sharmin Segal turned off the comments section on her Instagram handle. She was also labelled as “rude” by a section of the Internet after clips from her promotional interviews and conversations with with co-stars Aditi Rao Hydari and Sanjeeda Shaikh surfaced online. Referring to the clips from the interviews, Richa Chadha wrote, “It’s one thing to reject someone’s performance, theek hai! Mat karo pasand, aapka haq hai. Par aise chatkare le ke troll to mat karo (It is okay to dislike because that is upto you but please refrain from adding so much trolling)? Please? Out-of-context interview clips (that too from a legit roast, y’all are using). Why?”

Richa Chadha signed off the post with these words, “I know it’s tempting to jump on a trend, but to make another human being clickbait? I think we can all do better than that, be better than that. Be kind. Please. It can affect someone’s mental health. A big election just happened, there’s a heat wave on, there’s so much going on in the world! Please move on?”

This is what Richa Chadha posted:

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Sharmin Segal, who has been on the receiving end of incessant trolling for her performance as Alamzeb in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi, recently opened up on the effect it had on her and she told Pinkvilla, “If it’s constructive, then yes I am very open to listening to it. But if it’s not, then you’ve to focus on the amount of love. My DMs are filled with a lot of love. Negativity tends to be spoken about a lot more in public because people want to talk about negative things, but there is a lot of positivity also like I need to embrace that as well.”

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