Players fight back against cheaters in The Finals

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The Finals has unfortunately not been immune to the widespread issue of cheating. Amidst this challenge, a story has emerged of a player who took an inventive approach to combat cheaters, earning the community’s praise for their ingenuity and sense of justice.

One player’s unique approach to dealing with cheaters has stood out despite calls for effective anti-cheat measures and a possible region lock debate. In a recently shared video, the player showcased how they spent an entire match frustrating their cheating teammates, effectively denying them victory. The player’s tactic involved taking the cash box and waiting out the timer, all while the cheaters attempted to intervene.

via Reddit – u/theDeviL4522912

The community response was overwhelmingly positive, with many applauding the player’s actions as ‘doing the Lord’s work.’ This moment of vigilante justice highlights frustration among players and the lengths they are willing to go to uphold fairness. While this act of defiance brought temporary relief and a sense of triumph to some, it also reignited discussions on the broader cheating issues plaguing the game.

The Finals employs Easy Anti-Cheat, yet players continue to report rampant cheating, questioning the effectiveness of the current measures. While the developers have not committed to region locking, citing the presence of cheaters in all regions, they have acknowledged the issue. They are working on enhancing their anti-cheat solutions. The community remains hopeful for a significant update to combat the cheating problem, including a potential wave of bans.

As The Finals continues to navigate its early days, the community’s proactive stance against cheaters is a testament to their commitment to fair play. While players, like the one highlighted here, provide temporary relief and a bit of justice, the long-term solution lies in the developers’ robust and effective anti-cheat measures. The community eagerly awaits further updates, hoping for a cleaner, fairer, and more competitive environment.

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