Madden 24 players laugh at insane longevity for star running back

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Many people simulate into the future of Madden franchise modes. They pick a team, skip 10 years and start afresh with players. In that scenario, most NFL stars are gone. The rookies and young stars of the current NFL might still be around, as will a few of the coaches. For the most part, it’s a brand new league. Do that skip a second time and there’s not a single real NFL player left in most cases. That is, except for Kyren Williams in one Madden 24 franchise run.

Madden 24 players can’t believe Kyren Williams is still around in year 21

By simulating 10 years twice, Madden player u/Electronic-Koala9234 reinvented the league in Madden 24. There’s pretty much no holdovers from today’s NFL, except, shockingly, one player: Los Angeles Rams running back Kyren Williams. The current Los Angeles Rams star is a 79 OVR with a strong case to move up even higher. In year 21, he plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars and has regressed an incredible amount.

Image via u/Electronic-Koala9234 on Reddit

In unprecedented and unbelievable fashion, Williams is still around in his 21st year, albeit as a shocking 46 OVR. The NFL record is held by Frank Gore. The San Francisco 49ers back was known for his incredible longevity, but even he only played 16 seasons.

Madden 24 players were shocked to see him still around. u/Substantial-Being197 wrote, “Time may have forgotten him, but regression certainly has not.” u/Marauderr4 joked that his current coach Sean McVay, who is largely responsible for unlocking his talent in the year 2023, must be coaching Jacksonville now.

Seeing that Williams, despite being a horrid OVR, was a scheme fit for whatever the Jaguars were running prompted u/illoxical to say, “Can’t underestimate the benefit of a scheme fit.” u/CandidBrad joked that he must’ve had whatever Tom Brady was drinking.

u/Acrobatic_Warthog_67 added their own experience, “I’ve got Aaron Rodgers at 46 rn man. Sure I’ve won a couple SB with him but Jesus dude hang it up.” Several other commenters laughed and said that he definitely needs to call it a career already, but there’s no telling how long the 43-year-old’s improbable career will continue.

NFL running backs have notoriously short careers. The workload and the beating they take leaves many unable to play at a high level by the time they might reach their 10th season. Former Rams star Todd Gurley retired after just six seasons, so Williams’ run is absolutely insane.

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