Madden 24 announcers have players venting about poor commentating

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Madden players often find something to be upset over every single time the game is released. There have been a few issues they’ve brought up with Madden 24. While the latest complaint is one that dates back a good while, it’s as prevalent as ever in the latest iteration. From the community’s perspective, the commentators are bad. The combination of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis has many feeling annoyed.

Madden 24 players have had it with Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis

One Reddit user by the name of Rainbow_Angst shared a post to Reddit saying that they couldn’t stand Charles Davis anymore. The commentator routinely works NFL games, so the exposure to him extends beyond the virtual announcer he’s lent his voice and likeness to. Appropriately, they tagged this post a rant and the community joined in.

u/GaTech379 chimed in and added, “Madden made me think Brandon Gaudin was trash.” Another user finds it annoying when he references his playing career when he hasn’t really played. Several others shared that the Madden commentating from Gaudin is not good, while he’s actually fine when working real games.

u/PM_ME_COOL_RIFFS gave all Madden players a strong suggestion, “I cannot recommend muting the game and putting on music or a podcast highly enough.” Other users shared that they simply turn off the Madden 24 announcers in the settings. “I like to turn off the announcers and then have on field audio. A bit more immersive,” said u/ Adam_is_Nutz.

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Other members of the community shared that they feel like Davis and Gaudin both do fine when commentating. The problem with Madden lies in an extreme overexposure and the fact that there’s a finite amount of voice lines.

With real NFL games, the announcers can play off one another and the game that’s happening. They can be reactive and unique, whereas the Madden 24 announcers are programmed and can become monotonous and frustrating. That has, unfortunately, led many to have their opinions of the real people become soured.

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