Lego Fortnite player count peaked at an astonishing level

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If there was any doubt to two of the most popular universes joining forces, it’s surely been quashed as the player count for Lego Fortnite has blown up since the new game mode was launched just over a day ago.

According to screenshots shared on social media and data from stat tracking website FortniteGG, the Lego Fortnite mode attracted a peak of 2,432,569 players checking out the brand new way to play in its first few hours of being available – far outstripping the popularity of all of the game’s other official Epic-sanctioned modes put together.

Graph as shown from Fortnite.GG

And it’s a number that still stands at an impressive 1.6 million at the time of writing when we checked ourselves by going into Fortnite and taking the screenshot you can see below.

A screen displaying a variety of games such as Lego and Fortnite, with the latter experiencing an explosive player count growth reaching 2.5 million within the initial 24 hours.
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To put those numbers into context, the traditional Battle Royale mode sits at 558.7K players, Ranked mode is at 481.8K players, Zero Build is currently sat on 282.8K players and the just-released Rocket League-inspired Rocket Racing mode scrapes in 107.2K players. There’s still the launch of the Rock Band-like Fortnite Festival to come tomorrow too, which will surely give the new Fortnite ecosystem as a whole another healthy injection of players.

In case you’ve not taken a look yet, Lego Fortnite is a new survival and crafting experience – they say ‘game’ – available within Fortnite. Rather than the game’s usual adversarial battle royale, however, Lego Fortnite plays more like Minecraft. Indeed, you can start a world with you and up to eight friends, and decide to play either Survival mode or Creative. You’ll gather resources by getting them from the environment, all the while building more elaborate creations and explore a world full of danger, wildlife and more.

As a bonus, many of your Fortnite skins and cosmetics have their own Lego versions, which you’ll get free of charge if you already own that skin in normal Fortnite. Epic has also promised to keep adding more – and new ones you can buy from the shop, naturally – in the coming months. In fact, Epic has even promised to “unveil several more LEGO themed games inside Fortnite starting early next year” – so there’s plenty in store.

We’ve of course already been hard at work in helping you through the opening hours of the game and beyond – you can check out our guides right now, such as LEGO Fortnite: Where to find Marble in Survival World or our LEGO Fortnite: Where to find Shells and Rollers guide.

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