Is The Finals down? Check server status and maintenance

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If your destructive FPS session has been interrupted by a sudden network disconnection, you may wonder: Is The Finals down? Not to worry; we’ll be covering exactly that here so you know when you can get back to the competitive shoot ’em up grind.

Of course, if you’re having trouble coming up with builds that can consistently get you kills and wins, we recommend taking a look at the best Heavy build loadouts in The Finals and the best Medium build loadouts in The Finals before you jump back in. Otherwise, keep reading on to find out more about the Embark Studios FPS’s current network status.

Are The Finals servers down?

The Finals servers are now up and running based on the latest community update from the official Discord server. According to a message from a Community Operator, players should now be able to join matches without issue. However, if you do encounter problems, they’ve recommended restarting your Steam client to implement the recent fixes.

Image via The Finals Discord

Previously, numerous user posts on X (formerly Twitter) had noted that the problems seemed to persist across all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. In addition, a Community Operator in The Finals’ Discord server had revealed that the outages were apparently caused by a few ‘unwanted visitors’.

A screenshot of a black screen message asking, "Is The Finals down?
Image via The Finals Discord

After initially announcing that servers were on the mend, a later update from the same Community Operator revealed that “Steam is struggling again,” meaning the game remained unplayable.

Image via The Finals Discord

Another update has come in from the game’s Discord server, though it’s not quite the good news everyone has been hoping for. According to the latest announcement, the on-call team is still working on the authentication errors players are experiencing on Steam, and more updates will arrive later on.

An image of a Steam message asking, "Is The Finals down?
Image via The Finals Discord

If you’re looking for confirmation from the always-trusty, the site that typically tracks in-game servers surprisingly doesn’t have a dedicated page for The Finals yet. With the game continuing its meteoric rise, though, we expect this to change sooner rather than later. For now, you’ll just have to check the official pages of The Finals for server updates.

How to check if The Finals servers are down?

As mentioned above, you can check if The Finals servers are down by heading to the game’s or Embark Studios‘ official X accounts. You can also get immediate updates by joining The Finals’ official Discord server. Unfortunately, the popular FPS currently doesn’t have a dedicated Downdetector page, so you’ll have to remain patient for now before relying on the oft-useful server-tracking website.

That covers all you need to know about The Finals server status. If you need help on the game, check out our guides on The Finals career rewards, The Finals Twitch drops, and The Finals ranks before you start looking for matches again. We also recommend taking a look at our pages on The Finals ranks, The Finals achievements and trophy list, and The Finals battle pass rewards list.

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