Hire Top Tier Talent With HubSearch [Endless Customers S.1. Ep. 39]

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HubSpot is an incredibly powerful tool, essential for any business looking to improve their operations and level-up their marketing strategies. However, its complexity means that finding the right talent to manage HubSpot for your business can be challenging.

“Too often, business owners know they need someone great who understands HubSpot but aren’t sure beyond that. We help crystallize what they actually need this person to do,” says Jason Azocar, CEO of HubSearch.

Jason joined Alex Winter at IMPACT Live to discuss the origins and mission of HubSearch, a company dedicated to matching businesses with HubSpot specialists.

“We’re hyper-specialized to the HubSpot ecosystem,” Jason explains. “Our clients need marketers, ops professionals, or HubSpot admins who can do sophisticated, complex work in the product.” This specialization allows HubSearch to provide businesses with candidates who not only have the necessary certifications but also the experiential knowledge to handle real-world challenges.

Jason emphasizes the importance of deep, situational project work over basic certifications. “Certifications are great, but they don’t always mean you’ve gotten deep into the more sophisticated components,” he says. HubSearch looks for candidates who can demonstrate their expertise through detailed examples of their work and problem-solving abilities.

Jason’s passion for helping businesses succeed shines through as he discusses the impact of placing the right talent: “We get to help people land their dream jobs and help companies make key hires that unlock the next level for them.”

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Jason Azocar is the CEO of HubSearch, a company dedicated to helping businesses find the HubSpot talent they need to thrive.

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