GTA 6 trailer hints at a jungle’s worth of wildlife in Vice City

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Fans have been busy pouring over every detail of the recently dropped GTA 6 trailer – including us – and one of the many things that have gotten a lot of people excited is the range of wildlife and animals we’ve seen so far in the trailer.

The trailer itself wastes little time in showing some of the aquatic creatures we expect will be in the game when it finally arrives in 2025, showing what appear to be dolphins, whales and sharks swimming the crystal blue waters of the Vice City coastline just eleven seconds in. Dolphins made an appearance in GTA 5, albeit briefly – as did Sharks, but mostly as a deterrent to stop you wading out too far. It’s quickly followed by a flock of unknown birds flying across the bay.

Of course, it’s not the only glimpse of animals – as the trailer implies we’ll be heading out to the swamps in the wider area surrounding the city, in GTA 6’s version of Florida. And almost immediately we get to see a bunch of flamingos. This scene is quickly followed by a beach scene, that features perhaps the smallest, most adorable chihuahua taking a walk beside its owner, and raising fans hopes that dog walking will make its return in GTA 6. If you need a quick refresher – GTA 5 famously featured a few dogs, including Franklin’s dog Chop who you could even look after thanks to a virtual-pet like mini-game for phones. It’s too early to say if 6 will have a similar feature, but you can bet it’s hoped for by the community.

The next major animal appearance the trailer is an alligator, as it’s wrestled out of a backyard pool – alligators of course heavily featured in Red Dead Redemption 2, so it seems Rockstar might be bringing in more of the much loved cowboy game into GTA 6. Circling back to GTA 5 a second – the later releases of that game also featured new missions where you could play as an animal thanks to the effects of some drugs. Fans are hoping for something similar in GTA 5 which could let them play havoc on the streets of Vice City as their animal of choice – and a later shot of the alligator loose in what appears to be a gas station only adds smoke to that theory.

So hopefully, once GTA 6 finally arrives in 2025, we’ll know more about the animals we’ll get to see and, perhaps, play as in the latest open world epic from Rockstar. Until then – check out who the fans are speculating might be in the voice cast of GTA 6. The game has been confirmed for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 – but the status of the PC version is currently in question.

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