GTA 6 recreates trailer with GTA 5 graphics – The difference is absolutely massive

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Those who’ve seen the now viral GTA 6 trailer have undoubtedly noticed what seems like stunning graphics. They’re so good that many fans had a hard time believing that they were going to feature in the actual game until the developers confirmed as much. To express the difference between GTA V’s graphics, now a decade old, and what GTA 6 will look like, a fan recreated the GTA 6 trailer using GTA 5, and the difference in quality is overwhelming.

Gaming has evolved significantly in the gap between GTA 5, which was released in 2013, and now, with GTA 6 on the horizon in 2024. The biggest benefactor of that is how games look. Games today look significantly better in the graphical department than they did a decade ago, and GTA 6 is about to be some of the strongest evidence of that.

The graphics took the world by storm when the trailer was released, so much so that it’s one of YouTube’s most-viewed videos of all time. The game looks absolutely stunning, and GTA 5 ultimately pales in comparison. Reddit user AffectionateStable54 shared evidence of that.

They shared a recreated version of the trailer with as many possible shots in GTA 5, and the difference is absolutely stunning. People understand that the graphics today are better than they were, but older games are often held in such a positive light that the poorer graphics are overlooked. Overlooking the difference is impossible with this comparison.

u/ChapGod succinctly summed it up by saying, “If we were shown this in 2013, we would have lost our minds.” Coltyn03 added, “Wow. I knew the GTA VI trailer looked good, but this really emphasizes to me how much it improved upon GTA V.” The difference is unbelievable until there’s a direct comparison.

Expect more of these comparisons to flood in once GTA 6 actually releases. When players get their hands on the final product, they’ll likely be even more floored with the result. Rockstar may not have been working for the last decade on this title, but the graphics suggest that it’s been a supreme effort on their part.

The GTA 6 community seems to be extremely excited for the new game, with this Reddit post receiving over five thousand upvotes and the original YouTube video getting 25 thousand likes and over 430 thousand views.

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