Dermatologist reveals three things you should never use in the shower

Showering is an important part of many people’s daily routines. It is necessary to wash away any dirt and sweat we’ve accumulated over the day.

It is also the perfect place to practise good skin and hair care. While this seems simple enough, the products you use in the shower may not actually be as beneficial as you would think.

One expert took to TikTok to reveal three items you should not use. Speaking to his more than one million followers, dermatologist Dr Scott Walker shared his dos and don’ts when it comes to shower products.

In a video, he took viewers on a tour of his shower, highlighting his favourite cleansers and shampoos to use. But there were some items that many people might use missing.

“I’m a dermatologist and today I’m giving you a tour of my shower,” Scott said. “Why? Because I want to show you what I use on a regular basis, but also more importantly, what’s not in my shower. Let’s go.

“So, let’s see what I’m using on a regular basis. This is the body wash I use most regularly. “

He recommended using Bioderma’s atoderm shower oil for this.

“This lasts like at least two months and I just love how moisturising it is,” he said.

“For my hair most days I’m using Tresemme’s shampoo and conditioner.

“And then every now and then I’ll use Olaplex up here.”

He then shared something that might seem unusual for an adult to use.

“I always have baby shampoo in the shower,” Scott said. “Why? Because I use that to rinse my eyelids because I’m prone to styes.

“For facial cleansers, I usually use Cetaphil’s gentle skin cleanser. I’ve used this since college when I was an accutane it’s just a great all-around, gentle cleanser.

“Right, and some days. I splurge and I use Elta MD foaming facial cleanser.

“This is one of the most velvety luxurious foaming cleansers I’ve found, absolutely love it.

“And then I have this scalp massager, which I don’t use all the time but just sometimes, if I have extra time and I want a little scalp massage.”

But he advised against using loofahs, washcloths or body scrubs.

Scott said: “All right, now you’re wondering what’s not in your shower, what’s missing here?

“You do not find any loofahs in my shower, any washcloths. Those are just magnets for bacteria and fungi.

“You also don’t see any scrubs in my shower, any of those sugar scrubs, coffee scrubs or physical like brush scrubs.”

He added: “Unnecessary, I prefer chemical exfoliation with things like lactic acid lotions, other things like that.”

However, if you do need to use a loofah or cloth to remove stubborn dirt he said they needed to be replaced or cleaned often.

“Loofahs or washcloths are ok but just make sure to replace/clean them often,” he said.

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