Delta A330 Amsterdam-Detroit Diverts to Goose Bay

Earlier this week, a Delta Air Lines Airbus A330 flying between Amsterdam Schiphol and Detroit diverted to Goose Bay, with stranded passengers staying in an army barracks.

Incident: Delta A330 Amsterdam-Detroit Diverts to Goose Bay…

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Delta Air Lines flight DL135 is a routine scheduled flight between Amsterdam and Detroit, with the affected rotation diverting to Goose Bay being operated by N811NW.

As per data from, N811NW is a 18.4 year old Airbus A330-300 that started out life with Northwest Airlines back in September 2005.

Once the merger with Delta Air Lines was completed, the aircraft was handed over in October 2008, where it has been since.

Of the A330-300 variant, the U.S carrier has 31 of them, of which 29 are in active service and two are currently parked, holding an average fleet age of 14.9 years.

DL135 departed Amsterdam at 1331 local time on December 10 and headed westbound in the direction of Detroit.

Upon reaching Canada, the aircraft made a u-turn north in the direction of Goose Bay, where it landed safely there.

As per Aviation24, it is understood the cause of this diversion was due to a hydraulic issue onboard the aircraft.

Delta Air Lines were not able to accommodate passengers with hotel arrangements, so most of the passengers stayed in an army barracks until the aircraft could be fixed to take them onwards to Detroit.

The next day, N811NW, which started it’s journey in Amsterdam, was then able to continue on to Detroit from Goose Bay, where the flight landed with a significant delay.

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