4 essential truths about love, partnership and marriage: Therapist explains

From the earliest moments of life, we thrive on human connections, partnerships and love. Our idea of being is decorated in the affection, love and care that we receive from the people surrounding us. “Why are relationships so hard? In a sense they are meant to be challenging, because we have to expand who we are in order to be with another person. From our earliest moments, our survival is entirely dependent upon having strong connections with other humans. Our neurobiology is wired for attachment, and from the moment we are born, we begin to create a blueprint for attachment,” wrote Couples Therapist Jordan Dann.

4 essential truths about love, partnership and marriage: Therapist explains(Unplash)

“The challenges and struggles of relationships are a universal rite of passage that we all must pass through if we want to step into mature, conscious connection with another human being. Having a few guiding principles to keep in mind can help you find balance when you hit turbulent waters along your voyage,” added Jordan. Here are a few truths about love, partnerships and marriage that we should be aware of.

Romantic love is a tricky design: Romantic love is a strong force that binds two people together. It makes a person feel at home to us and has all the elements of our primary attachment figures.

Incompatibility is grounds for partnership: When we address incompatibility together, it can create grounds for understanding, compassion and growth in the relationship.

Conflict is growth trying to happen: Contrary to what we believe, conflicts are actually healthy in a relationship. It helps us to understand the changes and perspectives of the other person.

Being present for each other heals the past: Being there for each other, making new memories helps in healing the past experiences and trauma that we individually bring into the relationship. It helps us to heal internally and become better versions of ourselves.

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